The Society's seal and three photographs

4th Series, 1925-1972

Archaeologia Aeliana 4th Series, Vol. 31, 1953

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---: List of plates. ix
---: Illustrations in text. x
---: Thanks for illustrations. xi
---: Council and officers for 1953. xiii
---: Officers of the Society from 1813. xv
Hughes, E.: The correspondence of Colonel Robert Ellison of Hebburn, 1733-48. 1-22
Craster, Edmund: The Craster family -– Three generations. 23-47
Hunter Blair, C. H. and Evetts, L. C.: Royal armorials in the parish churches of Northumberland and Durham. 48-68
Charlesworth, D.: Northumberland in the early years of Edward IV. 69-81
Swinbank, B.: The problems of the <i>vallum</i> at Carvoran. 82-94
Hunter Blair, C. H.: The great seals of Richard I. 95-97
Fell, C.I. and Hildyard, E. J. W.: Prehistoric Weardale – A new survey. 98-115
Wright, R. P. and Gillam, J. P.: Third report on the Roman site at Old Durham. 116-126
Honeyman, H. L.: Three Jacobean houses –Washington Old Hall, Ovingham Vicarage and Aydon White House. 127-148
Halcrow, E. M.: The Town Moor of Newcastle upon Tyne. 149-164
Gillam, J. P.: Excavations at Low Brunton milecastle, No.27, in 1952. 165-174
Davies, J. Conway: Shipping and trade in Newcastle upon Tyne, 1294-1296. 175-204
Richmond, Ian, and Gillam, J. P.: Buildings of the first and second centuries north of the granaries at Corbridge. With a description of samian vessels by Grace Simpson. 205-253

Craster, Edmund: Sir Charles Peers – Memoir. 254-256
Hunter Blair, C. H.: Alexander Hamilton Thompson – Memoir. 256-259
Romans, T.: Charles Edwin Whiting – Memoir. 259-261
Book Reviews
Richmond, I. A.: Clarke J., Davidson, J. M., Robertson, A. and St. Joseph, J. K., The Roman Occupation of South Western Scotland.  262-264
Cowen, J. D.: Grinsell, L. V., The Ancient Burial Mounds of England.  264-266
Hunter Blair, C. H.: The great seals of Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II. 267-270 
---: Publications of the society. 270
---: Index. 273

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