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5th Series, 1973-2021

Archaeologia Aeliana 5th Series, Vol. 26, 1998

Click here for a digitised copy of this volume, which is available on free, open access on the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) website.

Waddington, C., Godfrey, J., and Bell, J.: A Chambered Cairn on Dour Hill, Northumberland. 1-15
Bennett, J.: The Roman Frontier from Wallsend to Rudchester Burn Reviewed. 17-37
Bishop, M. C.: An Old Corbridge Bath-house Revisited. 39-47
Poulter, J.: The Date of the Stanegate, and a Hypothesis about the Manner and Timing of the Construction of Roman Roads in Britain. 49-56
Breeze, A.: A Celtic Etymology for Ouse Burn, Newcastle. 57-58
Speak, S.: Excavations at Church Bank, Jarrow, 1989-91. 59-85
Sanders, J.: "A true man minded to justice" - Robert Collingwood (c. 1490-1566) of Eslington, Northumberland. 87-104
Wills, M.: William Newton and Gibside. 105-114
Oram, R., Griffiths, W. B., and Hodgson, N.: Excavations at Wallsend Colliery B Pit 1997. 115-160
Bidwell, P. T.: A Decorated Samian Bowl from the Plaza Site at Tynemouth. 161-163
Museum Note
Pollard, J.: Oddity, Import or Ethnographic Curiosity? A Stone Axe from Gateshead. 165-166

Book reviews
Hodgson, N.: David Shotter, The Roman Frontier in Britain (Hadrian's Wall, The Antonine Wall and Roman Policy in the North), J.C. Mann, Britain and the Roman Empire. 167-170
Book Notices
---: C. Tolan-Smith, Landscape Archaeology in Tynedale. 171
---: R. J. A. Wilson (ed.), Roman Maryport and its Setting: Essays in Memory of Michael G. Jarrett. 171
---: T. Corfe (ed.), Before Wilfrid: Britons, Romans and Anglo-Saxons in Tynedale. 171
---: D.R. Perriam and J. Robinson, The Medieval Fortified Buildings of Cumbria: An Illustrated Gazetteer and Research Guide. 171-172
---: D. Brenchley, A Place by Itself: Berwick upon Tweed in the eighteenth century. 172
---: J. Dunbar (ed), Sir William Burrel's Northern Tour, 1758. 172
---: M. Maddison (ed), Northumbrian Building Studies, 2. 172
Fern, R. W., and Manders, F. W. D.: Index. 173-183

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