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5th Series, 1973-2021

Archaeologia Aeliana 5th Series, Vol. 20, 1992

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Jobey, George: Cock-fighting in Northumberland and Durham during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. 1-25
Hill, P. R., and Dobson, B.: The Design of Hadrian's Wall and its Implications. 27-52
Mann, J. C.: Loca 53-55
Woolliscroft, D.J., Swain, S.A.M., and Lockett, N. J.: Barcombe B, A Second Roman "Signal" Tower on Barcombe Hill. 57-62
Ryder, Peter F.: The Gatehouse of Morpeth Castle, Northumberland. 63-77
Meikle, Maureen M.: Northumberland Divided: Anatomy of a Sixteenth-Century Bloodfeud. 79-89
Hislop, Malcolm: The Castle of Ralph Fourth Baron Neville at Raby. 91-97
Ryder, Peter: The Cow Port at Berwick upon Tweed. 99-116
Bishop, M. C.: The White Wall, Berwick upon Tweed. 117-119
Thornthwaite, S. E.: On the most advantageous line: the Tyne-Solway Canal. 121-138
Yarrow, P. J.: Mrs. Gaskell and Newcastle. 139-146
Philipson, John: Del. et sculpt.: The Society's collection of engraved copper plates. 147-152
McCord, Norman: Professor George Jobey. 153-156
Mann, J. C.: Armamentaria. 157-158
Snape, Margaret E.: Sub-Roman Brooches from Roman Sites on the Northern Frontier. 158-160
Sockett, E. W.: Querns at Fourstones. 160-161
Philipson, John: A Further Note on the Haughton Paper-Moulds. 161-162
Jobey, George: A Crop-Circle at Longbenton Industrial Estate. 162-163
Peel, D.: N. McCord, North East History from the Air. 165
Dobson, B.: P. Austen, Bewcastle and Old Penrith: a Roman Outpost Fort and a Frontier Vicus: Excavations 1977-78. 165-166
Philipson, John: T. Kearney, Painted Red – A Social History of Consett 1840-1990. 167
Fraser, C. M.: W. R. Childs and J. Taylor, The Anonimalle Chronicle 1307 to 1334. 167-168
Philipson, John: P. and R. Wallis et al., Mathematical tradition in the north of England. 168
Greene, Kevin: G. T. Meaden, Circles from the Sky; and Goddess of the Stones. 168-170
---: Books Received. 170
---: Index. 171-176

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