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5th Series, 1973-2021

Archaeologia Aeliana 5th Series, Vol. 19, 1991

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Beckensall, Stan, Hewitt, Irene, and Hewitt, Ian: Prehistoric Rock Motifs recently recorded in Northumberland. 1-5
van Hoek, Maarten A. M.: The Rock Art at Millstone Burn, Northumberland. 7-16
Passmore, David, O'Brien, Colm, and Dore, John: Roman Period Riverside Deposits at Castle Stairs, Sandhill. 17-24
Bowden, M. C. B., and Blood, K.: The Roman Fort at Rudchester. An analytic field survey. 25-31
Hill, P. R.: Hadrian's Wall: Some Aspects of its execution. 33-39
Holbrook, Neil: A Watching Brief at the Roman Fort of Benwell–Condercum 1990. 41-45
Blair, John: The Early Churches at Lindisfarne. 47-53
O'Sullivan, Deirdre and Young, Robert: The Early Medieval Settlement at Green Shiel, Northumberland. 55-69
Trench-Jellicoe, Ross: A Recent Viking-age Sculptural find from Tynemouth Priory. 71-78
Hislop, M. J. B.: The date of the Warkworth Donjon. 79-92
Thornthwaite, Sian E.: The Border Counties Railway. 93-107
Malden, R. J.: The Elusive Mr. Birch. 109-117
Cowley, David: Some Burnt Mounds in Mid-Northumberland. 119-121
RCHME, Excavations in North-East England: A Note on the Excavation Index for England. 123-126
Museum Notes
Page, Hazelle, and Turner-Walker, Gordon: The Bronze Age Dagger from Reaverhill Farm, Barrasford. 127-130
Smith, Christopher, and Bonsall, Clive: A Radiocarbon Date for the Willington Quay Antler Mattock. 131
Welsby, Derek: A Recently Discovered Moulded Stone from Hexham. 131-132
Donaldson, G. H.: The Location of Armamentaria and Ballistaria in Roman Auxiliary Forts. 133-134
Philipson, John: A 'Quaker Grave-Cover'– correction and re-assessment. 134-135
Jobey, George: Edwina Proudfoot (ed.), Our Vanishing Heritage: Forestry and Archaeology. 138
Maxfield, Valerie: Paul Bidwell and others (eds.), Portae cum Turribus: Studies of Roman Fort Gates. 138-139
Chard, Margaret: A.J. Mainman, The Anglo-Scandinavian Pottery from Coppergate. 140
Doyle, A. I.: Charles Parish, The History of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne, Vol II, 1896-1989. 141-142
---: Index.143-146

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