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5th Series, 1973-2021

Archaeologia Aeliana 5th Series, Vol. 18, 1990

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Maxfield, Valerie A.: Hadrian's Wall in its Imperial Setting. 1-27
Ferrell, Gill: A Reassessment of the Prehistoric Pottery from the 1952-62 Excavations at Yeavering. 29-49
Mann, J.C.: The Function of Hadrian's Wall. 51-54
Blood, K., and Bowden, M.C.B.: The Roman Fort at Haltonchesters. An analytic field survey. 55-62
Turner, Rick: A Romano-British Cemetery at Lanchester, Durham. 63-77
Nolan, John: The Castle of Newcastle upon Tyne after c. 1600. 79-126
Whitworth, Alan M.: The Housesteads Bastle. 127-129
Emery, Norman, Warner, John, and Pearson, Alan: Causeway House, Northumberland. 131-149
---: A Case of Economic Warfare in the Late 18th Century. 151-163
Philipson, John: Three early paper-moulds in the collections of the Society. 151-157
Isaac, Peter: Sir John Swinburne and the forged assignats from Haughton Mill. 158-163
Breihan, John R.: Army Barracks in the North East in the Era of the French Revolution. 165-176
Miller, F. J. W.: The Newcastle Dispensary 1777-1976. 177-195
Jobey, George: The Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne. 197-216
Ridley, David: The Elemore Colliery Disaster, 1886, and its part in the debate on Colliery Explosions. 217-227
Museum Notes
Smith, Christopher: A barbed-and-tanged arrowhead from Corby's Crags, Edlingham. 229
Corder, Sharron: Two escutcheons from Rochester, Northumberland. 230-231
Smith, D. J.: William Bulmer, 1893-1989. 233-234
Breeze, David J.: M. B. Bishop and J. N. Dore, Corbridge, Excavations at the Roman fort and town 1947-80. 235-6
Dobson, B.: P. T. Bidwell and N. Holbrook, Hadrian's Wall Bridges. 236-7
Wild, John Peter: Penelope Walton Textiles, Cordage and Raw Fibre from 16-22 Coppergate,York. 237-8
Henderson, Isabel: Gerald Bonner, David Rollason, Clare Stancliffe, St. Cuthbert, his Cult and his Community to AD 1200. 238-42
Daniels, Charles: Stephen Johnson, Hadrian's Wall. 242-4
McCord, Norman: P. E. H. Hair (ed.), Coals on Rails, or the Reason for my Wrighting: The Autobiography of Anthony Errington from 1778 to around 1825. 244-5
---: Shorter Notices. 246
---: Index. 247-252

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