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5th Series, 1973-2021

Archaeologia Aeliana 5th Series, Vol. 17, 1989

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Mann, J. C.: The Housesteads Latrine. 1-4
Woolliscroft, David J.: Signalling and the design of Hadrian's Wall. 5-19
Bidwell, Paul T., and Watson, Moira: A Trial Excavation on Hadrian's Wall at Buddle Street, Wallsend. 21-8
Nolan, J., et al.: The Medieval Town Defences of Newcastle upon Tyne: Excavation and Survey 1986-87. 29-78
Briggs, G. W. D.: The Church of Holy Trinity, Widdrington. 79-91
Louw, H.: Of Ancient Rights and Priviledges: demarcation disputes between the Companies of Joiners and Housecarpenters, Millwrights and Trunkmakers of Newcastle upon Tyne c. 1580 - c. 1740. 93-115
Jarrett, Michael G., and Evans, D.H.: Excavation of Two Palisaded Enclosures at West Whelpington, Northumberland. 117-139
O'Brien, C., et al.: Excavations at Newcastle Quayside: The Crown Court Site. 141-205
Museum Notes
Hawkes, Jane: The Miracle Scene on the Rothbury Cross Shaft. 207-11
Dixon, Karen Ramsey: A Roman Bronze Openwork Buckle from Corbridge. 211-3
Turner, R. C.: A Late Neolithic Site at High House, Matfen. 215-7
Donaldson, G. H.: Tormenta, Auxilia and Ballistaria in the Environs of Hadrian's Wall. 217-9
Philipson, John: An Engraved Wood-Block of the Newcastle Arms. 219-21
Jobey, George: Andrew Fleming, The Dartmoor Reeves: Investigating Prehistoric Land Divisions. 223
Paterson, Jeremy: Barry Cunliffe, Greeks, Romans and Barbarians: Spheres of Interaction. 223-5
Dobson, Brian: L. Allason-Jones and M. Bishop, Excavations at Roman Corbridge: The Hoard. 225-6
Dore, John: Alison Harle Easson, Central and East Gaulish Mould-decorated Samian Ware in the Royal Ontario Museum. A Catalogue. 226
Vyner, Blaise: C. O'Brien et al., The Origins of the Newcastle Quayside. 226-8
---: Index. 229-232

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