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5th Series, 1973-2021

Archaeologia Aeliana 5th Series, Vol. 12, 1984

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Charlton, D. B., and Mitcheson, M., with contributions by Gillam, J., Jobey, I., Casey, P. J., Wright, D. E., and Coles, J. S.: The Roman cemetery at Petty Knowes, Rochester, Northumberland. 1-31
Haigh, D., and Savage, M. J. D., with contributions by Allason-Jones, L., Welfare, A. T., Large, S., Bayley, J., Dore, J. N., Coleman-Smith, R. J. C., Pearson, T., and Casey, P. J.: Sewingshields. 33-147
Stephens, G. R.: The metrical inscription from Carvoran, RIB 1791. 149-156
Tudor, V.: The misogyny of Saint Cuthbert. 157-167
Fraser, C. M.: The early Hostmen of Newcastle upon Tyne. 169-179
Kear, D. C.: Bede Cottage and Monkton Farm, Monkton. 181-207
Mullen, T. C.: The Northumbrian half-long bagpipes. 209-221
Mann, J. C.: Causey Arch – a note. 223-226
Museum Notes
Allason-Jones, L.: A First-Century bronze torc from Caw Gap. 227-8
Allason-Jones, L., Bennett, J., and Welsby, D. A.: The finds from Milecastle 54, Randylands. 228-235
Jobey, G.: The Cartington coffin: a radiocarbon date. 235-7
Wright, R. P.: A record of three groups of leaden sealings in 1890 from Brough-under-Stainmore and South Shields. 239-241
Jobey, G.: A settlement on Boggle Hill, Thorneyburn (NY 783862). 241-2
Mann, J. C.: A note on the "Modius Claytonensis". 242-3
Mann, J. C.: A note on inscriptions from Carvoran. 243-5
Miket, R.: An Anglo-Saxon small-long brooch from Cleadon, Tyne and Wear. 245
Miket, R.: A beaker from Twizell, Northumberland. 245-8
Wright, R. P.: Roger Goodburn and Helen Waugh (compilers), Epigraphic Indexes. The Roman Inscriptions of Britain vol. I, Inscriptions on stone. 249-250
Philipson, J.: Wm. K. Sessions, The King's Printer at Newcastle upon Tyne in 1639, at Bristol in 1643–1645, at Exeter in 1645–1646. 250-253
Philipson, J.: J. J. Anderson (ed.), Records of Early English Drama: Newcastle upon Tyne. 254-255
---: Index. 257-260

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