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5th Series, 1973-2021

Archaeologia Aeliana 5th Series, Vol. 10, 1982

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Jobey, G.: The settlement at Doubstead and Romano-British settlement on the coastal plain between Tyne and Forth. 1-23
Haselgrove, C. C., and Allon, V. L., with contributions by Ashbrook, M., and Rackham, D. J.: An Iron Age settlement at West House, Coxhoe, County Durham. 25-51
Ford, William, and Miket, Roger: An unurned cremation from Warden Law, Tyne and Wear. 53-59
Jackson, K. H.: Brigomaglos and St. Briog, with an introductory note by Birley, A. R. 61-65
Hunter, J. R.: Medieval Berwick upon Tweed. 67-124
Briggs, G. W. D.: The church of St. Andrew, Bolam, Northumberland. 125-141
Houston, R. A.: Illiteracy among Newcastle Shoemakers, 1618-1740. 143-147
Charlton, D. B., and Day, J. C.: Excavation and field survey in upper Redesdale: Part IV. 149-170
Bellenger, D. T. J.: The French exiled clergy in the North of England. 171-177
Sturgess, R. W.: The Londonderry Trust, 1819-54. 179-192
Howell, Jr. Roger: Cromwell and the imagery of nineteenth century Radicalism: The example of Joseph Cowen. 193-197
Museum Notes
Allason-Jones, L., and Gillam, J. P.: Roman pottery from Hadrian's Wall Turret 27 A. 199-200
Bennett, J.: The Great Chesters "pilum murale". 200-205
Henig, Martin: A Roman finger ring from Durham. 207-8
Miket, R.: An Anglo-Saxon small-long-brooch from Hylton. 209-210
Gates, T.: A long cairn on Dod Hill, Ilderton, Northumberland. 210-2
---: Correction to Volume IX. 212
---: Index. 215

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