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5th Series, 1973-2021

Archaeologia Aeliana 5th Series, Vol. 9, 1981

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Hill, P. R.: Stonework and the Archaeologist: including a stonemason's view of Hadrian's Wall. 1-22
Jobey, George: Groups of small cairns and the excavation of a cairnfield on Millstone Hill, Northumberland. 23-43
Gates, Tim: A Food Vessel burial from Well House Farm, Newton, Northumberland. 45-50
Jobey, Ian: Excavations on the Romano-British settlement at Middle Gunnar Peak, Barrasford, Northumberland. 51-74
Harbottle, B., and Ellison, M., with contributions by Donaldson, A. M., Robson, G. D., Rackham, J., Vaughan, J. E., and Walton, P.: An excavation in the Castle ditch, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1974-6. 75-250
Pattinson, T.: Excavation of the Magdalene Chapel, Warkworth, Northumberland, 1977. With a report of a resistivity survey by Karmis, P., Wilkinson, I., and Titman, C. W. 251-265
Day, J., and Charlton, D. B.: Excavation and field survey in Upper Redesdale: Part III. 267-298
Howell, Jr., Roger: The Army and the English Revolution: the case of Robert Lilburne. 299-315
Philipson, J.: The Sebroke Crosier and the nineteenth century Newcastle Museum. 317-332
McCord, N.: The making of modern Newcastle. 333-346
Museum Notes
Allason-Jones, L., and Shorer, P. H. T.: An enamelled stud from West Wharmley. 347-348
Coulston, J. C.: A sculptured Dacian falx from Birdoswald. 348-351
Sekulla, Michael: A phantom hoard from Hadrian's Wall? 353-355
Lang, James T.: A thirteenth century carving of the Trinity from Bearpark, Durham. 355-358
Birley, E. B.: John Cowen: a memoir. 359-361
---: Index. 363-367

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