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5th Series, 1973-2021

Archaeologia Aeliana 5th Series, Vol. 8, 1980

Click here for a digitised copy of this volume, which is available on free, open access on the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) website.

Gill, Margaret: The Newcastle Goldsmiths and the Capital. 1-15
Howell, Jr. Roger: Newcastle and the Nation: The Seventeenth Century Experience. 17-34
Sharp, Richard: 100 Years of a Lost Cause: Nonjuring Principles in Newcastle from the Revolution to the Death of Prince Charles Edward Stuart. 35-55
Campbell, W. A.: Men of Science in Nineteenth Century Newcastle. 57-64
Daniels, Charles, and Harbottle, Barbara: A New Inscription of Julia Domna from Newcastle. 65-73
Casey, P. J., and Savage, M.: Coins from the Excavation at High Rochester in 1852 and 1855. 75-87
Welsby, Derek A.: Roman Building Inscriptions, Recording Buildings Collapsed through Age or Destroyed by the Enemy? 89-94
Hunneysett, Raymond: The Milecastles of Hadrian's Wall - An Alternative View. 95-107
Clipson, John: Back Silver Street, Durham 1975-6 Excavations. 109-126
Tullett, Edmund, and McCombie, Grace: An Excavation in the Cloth Market, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1979. 127-141
Fairclough, Graham: Brinkburn Priory: A structural analysis of the manor house. 143-152
Museum Notes
Allason-Jones, Lindsay: A Zoomorphic Spout from Halton Chesters. 153-154
Allason-Jones, Lindsay: Antler Macehead from Newsham, Blyth. 154-155
Ellison, Margaret: A Sixteenth-Century Stoneware Flask from Newcastle. 157-158
Weyman, Joan: A Flint Chipping Site at Low Shilford, Riding Mill, Northumberland. 159-161
Henig, Martin: An Intaglio from Roman Corbridge. 161-163
Clack, P. A. G., and Kilmurray, K.: A Stamford Ware Lamp from Saddler Street, Durham City. 163-164
Philipson, J.: Cross-Ridge Dykes on Clennel Street, Northumberland. 164-168
Bailey, Richard N.: Brian Hope-Taylor, Yeavering: An Anglo-British Settlement of Early Northumbria. 169-171
---: Books Received. 171-172
---: Correction to Volume VII (1979). 172-173
---: Index. 175-180

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