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5th Series, 1973-2021

Archaeologia Aeliana 5th Series, Vol. 4, 1976

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Burgess, C. B., and Miket, R.: Three socketed axes from North-East England, with notes on faceted and ribbed socketed axes. 1-9
Beckensall, S.: The excavation of a rock shelter at Corby's Crags, Edlingham. 11-16
Charlesworth, D.: The hospital, Housesteads. 17-30
Lovecy, I.: The end of Celtic Britain: a sixth-century battle near Lindisfarne. 31-45
Bailey, R. N.: The Anglo-Saxon church at Hexham. 47-67
Austin, D.: Fieldwork and excavation at Hart, Co. Durham, 1965-1975. 69-132
Ellison, M.: Excavation at Aydon Castle, Northumberland, 1975. 133-138
Drury, J. Linda: Early settlement in Stanhope Park, Weardale, c. 1406-79. 139-149
Gill, M. A. V.: The potteries of Tyne and Wear, and their dealings with the Beilby/Bewick workshop. 151-170
Museum Notes
Caplan, Clive: To Neptune and to Oceanus. 171-176
Newman, T. G.: A stone implement from Fairnley Farm, Cambo, Northumberland. 177
Newman, T. G.: The jet necklace from Kyloe, Northumberland. 177-182
Newman, T. G.: A crop-mark site at Hasting Hill, Tyne and Wear, NZ 355541. 183-184
Dore, J. N.: Excavations at South Shields, 1975. 185-186
Dore, J. N., and Greene, K.: North African pottery from South Shields. 186-189
Parsons, D.: D. P. Kirby (ed.), Saint Wilfrid at Hexham. 191
Dobson, B.: R. P. Wright and E. J. Philips, Roman inscribed and sculptured stones in Carlisle Museum. 192
Philipson, J.: S. J. Watts, From Border to Middle Shire: Northumberland 1586-1625. 192-193
Philipson, J.: L. Turnbull, The history of lead-mining in the North-East of England. 193
---: Index. 195-197

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