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5th Series, 1973-2021

Archaeologia Aeliana 5th Series, Vol. 2, 1974

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Gillam, J. P.: The frontier after Hadrian: a history of the problem. 1-15
Jobey, G.: Notes on some population problems in the area between the two Roman walls, I.  17-26
Burgess, Colin, and Miket, Roger: A bronze axe from Elsdon, Northumberland, and the problem of Middle Bronze Age flanged axes. 27-32
Charlton, D. B., and Day, J. C.: Bridge House re-examined. 33-40
Maxfield, Valerie A.: The Benwell torc – Roman or native? 41-47
Morris, C. D.: Two early grave-markers from Billingham. 49-56
Harbottle, Barbara: Excavation and survey in Newcastle upon Tyne, 1972-1973. 57-89
Carver, M. O. H.: Excavations in New Elvet, Durham City, 1961-1973. 91-148
Barrow, G. W. S.: A note on Falstone. 149-152
Miket, Roger: Excavation at Kirkhill, West Hepple, 1972. 153-187
Fraser, Constance M., and Emsley, Kenneth: The clerical Justices of the Peace in the North East, 1626-30. 189-199
Iley, Walter: The stones of St. Andrew's, Corbridge. 201-211
Ridley, Geoffrey W.: The inclosure and division of certain Wastes and Commons in the Manor of Hexham. 213-223
Gill, M. A. V.: Marks of the Newcastle Goldsmiths, 1702-1884. 225-270
Museum Notes
Hill, Stephen: A Bearded Lady from Carlisle. 271-275
Miket, Roger: "Undoubted Anglian burials" from Hepple, Northumberland. 275-280
Hurst, J. G.: A Sixteenth Century Cologne Jug from Newcastle. 281-283
Rowland, T. H.: Morpeth Medieval Bridge. 283-284

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