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5th Series, 1973-2021

Archaeologia Aeliana 5th Series, Vol. 32, 2003

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Waddington, Clive: A Mesolithic Settlement Site at Howick, Northumberland: a Preliminary Report. 1-12
Breeze, David J.: Warfare in Britain and the Building of Hadrian's Wall. 13-16
Bidwell, Paul: The Original Eastern Terminus of Hadrian's Wall. 17-24
Wilson, R. J. A.: Journeymen's Jottings: Two Roman Inscriptions from Hadrian's Wall. 25-35
Snape, Margaret E.: A Horizontal-wheeled Watermill of the Anglo-Saxon Period at Corbridge, Northumberland, and its River Environment. 37-72
Ryder, Peter: Cresswell Tower. 73-90
Ryder, Peter: Medieval Cross Slab Grave Covers in Northumberland, 3: North Northumberland. 91-136
Oates, Jonathan: Responses in Newcastle upon Tyne to the Jacobite Rebellions of 1715 and 1745. 137-152
Hepple, Leslie W.: John Horsley, James Jurin and the Royal Society Meteorological Network. 153-170
Frostick, Raymond: James Corbridge and his Plan of Newcastle upon Tyne 1723. 171-178
Boardman, Kate L.: John Collingwood Bruce and his Bayeux Tapestry Facsimile. 179-188
Museum Notes
Abdy, Richard: A Roman coin hoard from Longhorsley. 189-191
Wilson, R. J. A.: Roman vaulting tubes (tubi fittili) from Chesters: an addendum. 192-193
Book Reviews
Waddington, Clive: Beckensall, British Prehistoric Rock Art. 195
Paterson, Jeremy: Birley, Garrison Life at Vindolanda: A Band of Brothers. 195-197
Bidwell, Paul: Higham (ed.), Archaeology of the Roman Empire: a Tribute to the Life and Works of Professor Barri Jones. 197-198
Edwards, B. J. N.: McCarthy, Roman Carlisle and the Lands of the Solway. 198-199
Fraser, C. M.: Snape (ed), English Episcopal Acta 24, Durham 1154-1195. 199-200
McCombie, Grace: Brooke, Safe Sanctuaries: Security and Defence in Anglo-Scottish Border Churches 1290-1690. 200
---: Shorter notices. 201
---: Editor's note. 201
Fern, Roger: Index. 203

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