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Our latest news bulletin is issue 71 dated June 2021

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                                 Next Events

  • 28 July, 6.00, Monthly Meeting, The Discovery and Excavation of the Roman Baths at Wallsend, Dr Nick Hodgson. Further details and Zoom link are in the Members' Section.
  • 31 July, 2.00-5.00, Summer Visit to Newburn Village and St Michael’s and All Angels Church. Restricted numbers because of social distancing, so must book. Flyer with full details in the Members’ Section of our website.

Our monthly lectures are currently online via Zoom; we hope to resume live meetings in August, but plan also to livestream them.

28 July, The Discovery and Excavation of the Roman baths at Wallsend, Dr Nick Hodgson.

25 August, Recent Research and 3D Modelling of Newcastle Castle, David Silk

29 September, Putting the Prehistory of the North Pennines on the Map; Discoveries Made During the English Heritage 'Miner-Farmer Landscapes' Projects, Alastair Oswald

27 October, Public Lecture, To the Island of Tides, Alistair Moffat

24 November, Horsley Memorial Lecture, One Step at a Time: Planning, Surveying and Building Hadrian’s Wall, and the Implications, Professor David Breeze

Our library on the second floor of the Great North Museum will re-open later in the year

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We are a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (registration number, 1188638) Click here for our entry on the Charity Commission website. The Society operated for many years as an incorporated association with charitable status (registration number 230888) with the same name and the same charitable objects. Click here for the Charity Commission entry for the pre-2021 body.

We are also partners in the management of Newcastle Castle, and are signatories to the North East Statement Against Racism.

Coronavirus; changes to our activities

Our Membership Administrator and the Trustees are working remotely. Contact the membership administrator on Any contributor to Archaeologia Aeliana who sent hard copy manuscripts or disks into the office, please resubmit electronically, or contact the Society as soon as possible.  For financial queries, please contact the Society’s Treasurer at  Invoices need to be submitted electronically.

The Society has set aside limited funds to assist research or publication projects in its area of interest (archaeology and history of the historic counties of Northumberland and Durham) that have been developed while it is impossible to carry on normal work during the lockdown. Follow this link for more information.

Nick Hodgson, President

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