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Our latest news bulletin is issue 64, dated June 2018.

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 Events in the region

Follow these links to find out more about events organised by others in the North East (or occasionally further afield if they involve our members), this month and through the year. If you know of an event that might interest our members, please e-mail the website editor with full details.


  • The planned Mini-Exhibition, of the Aesica Hoard and books from our collection and the NHSN,  in the Great North Museum: Hancock has been called off. The supports to both of the upright cases used in the Great North Exhibition have been damaged and are now too unstable to be used. It is not known how long the repairs will take, so the Mini-Exhibition has now been put on hold and everything returned to safe storage. We hope to announce further developments in due course.

  • Capital Newcastle; A Walk through Newcastle's Architectural Orders is a new publication from Newcastle Antiquaries, a fold-out pamphlet with a detailed explanation of the classical 'orders' of architecture on one side, and a map showing a walking route round Newcastle's city centre on the other, featuring eighteenth- to twentieth-century buildings that illustrate each element. Copies are free, and each member will receive one in the December mailing. If you would like more, to distribute to local groups, schools, or your friends, please send an e-mail to author Alan Beale

  • Aron Mazel and colleagues at Newcastle University have produced a bespoke app for monitoring ancient rock art. It is designed to assist with the safeguarding of rock art, and is the first of its kind internationally

  • Local legal firm Samuel Phillips Law, hits its centenary next year; this is unusual for a law firm as most are dissolved or merged well before 100 years are up! To mark the anniversary, they are wondering if anyone would like to help research their founder Samuel Phillips, about whom they know very little. If you would be interested in this, please e-mail our member Adam Chaffer

  • Following the end of the Unlocking the Archives HLF-funded project, we have a new transcription project just starting.. Read more

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For biographical details of many our deceased members, going back to the earliest history of the Society, follow this link for the SANT Biographical Directory. This document was first put together, with considerable research, by Barbara Harbottle, and is being kept up to date now by Sue Ward. Any comments, additional material, and references (in print or on the web) will be gratefully received by her.

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