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Our latest news bulletin is issue 62, dated June 2017.

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 Events in the region

Follow these links to find out more about events organised by others in the North East (or occasionally further afield if they involve our members), this month and through the year. If you know of an event that might interest our members, please e-mail the website editor with full details.


  • DigVentures have begun crowdfunding for a third year of digging at Lindisfarne this year, and also for one at Coldingham. Follow this link if you would like to contribute to these or other archaeological projects.
  • The 2017 volume of Archaeologia Aeliana has been delayed for various reasons, but is now back on track. It will probably not be available until late spring 2018, however.
  • Tyne-Wear Building Preservation Trust is looking for new trustees. Follow this link for more details about the Trust and its quest.
  • Voting is still open for Hadrian's Wall; archaeology and history at the limits of Rome's Empire, by our Secretary Nick Hodgson, in the Current Archaeology Awards for this year (closes 5 Feb, not 31 January as originally stated). Buy the book from the publishers at a discount, via their website.
  • A Newcastle-wide consortium is developing a slate of activities to celebrate the centenary of the Representation of the People Act which began the process of women’s suffrage (with no budget, but much goodwill). One item in the programme is a lecture by Liz O'Donnell on 6 Mar at the Lit and Phil, and others will be announced in due course.
  • We are currently in discussions with a Chinese publisher about translating our Handbook to the Roman Wall, into Chinese, with an initial print-run of around 600. It's not likely to happen very fast, but watch this space for further news.
  • Entirely separately, it has been announced that a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed in London between Historic England and the Chinese Academy of Culture and Heritage, for representatives of the Great Wall of China and Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Sites’ to work together to examine the challenges and opportunities of managing large and complex archaeological remains and explore the potential tourism growth in both countries. A professional seminar will take place in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 2018. Follow this link for further information on this.
  • The Society for Church Archaeology, of which SANT is an institutional member, have published their latest Newsletter on-line. Follow this link to see it.
  • The thousandth anniversary of the Battle of Carham in 1018 - 'the conflict that fixed the border between England and Scotland along the River Tweed' - is to be commemorated in a series of events, including a re-enactment and a conference. The project is financed by the Heritage Lottery Fund, and organised by a partnership of the Battlefields Trust and the Carham 1018 Society.
  • Our member Andy Agate is Finds Liaison Officer (FLO) for the North East, for the Portable Antiquities Scheme. He has been building links with local metal detecting communities and other members of the public who wish to report archaeological finds. Andrew is based at the Great North Museum: Hancock. Follow this link to e-mail him, or phone 0191 208 5031.Andy will be contributing an explanation of how the Portable Antiquities Scheme works, to this website in the near future.
  • We would like to set up a new rota of ‘meeters and greeters’ for our Monthly Meetings at the Mining Institute. It involves arriving half an hour or so early at the Institute, and hovering round the door to welcome anyone who is new or uncertain about the lecture. Please e-mail Rosie Serdiville if you can help

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For biographical details of many our deceased members, going back to the earliest history of the Society, follow this link for the SANT Biographical Directory. This document was first put together, with considerable research, by Barbara Harbottle, and is being kept up to date now by Sue Ward. Any comments, additional material, and references (in print or on the web) will be gratefully received by her.

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