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Richard Pears

Richard was appointed President of the Society in January 2016, and is expecting to serve a three-year term. For those who wish to know more about our new President, here are his biographical details in his own words;

I was born behind the barred windows of Bensham Hospital and lived most of my life in Whickham before moving to Durham in 2008, to be closer to my work at Durham University, where I'm an Academic Liaison Librarian for Chemistry, History, Law and Music. My interests are history, architecture and archaeology and I'm a member of several groups, including the Northern Architectural History Society, the North East Vernacular Architecture Group, and Whickham Local History Society of which I’m Secretary. These obsessions led me to embark on a PhD in History at Newcastle University at the age of 35 (with hindsight an early mid-life crisis), completing my thesis on the Newcastle architect William Newton in 2012. I've written articles for Archaeologia Aeliana, Architectural History and the Georgian Group journals and give talks to academic conferences and to local groups on historical topics - my history of the British toilet is by far the most popular. My wife and two daughters tolerate these activities as they do not involve football.

I joined this Society in 1995 and was a member of Council from 1999-2006 and from 2010 onwards. I've been a member of the Library Committee since 1997 . With Humphrey Welfare and Roger Fern I have been working to get the Society's Proceedings and Archaeologia Aeliana online, learning much about the publishing industry and online communications along the way.

In the future, don’t forget your past