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Barbara Harbottle's slide collection

Our late Past President Barbara Harbottle bequeathed her slide collection to us in 2012, totalling around 2300 slides, mainly views and records of archaeological digs. They are of historic interest, and in some cases may provide the only record of buildings or events.


Haltwhistle Corner Turret

All are now scanned and labelled, and are in store at the Discovery Museum in the library store and the images are held on back up hard drives and may be viewed on the SANT laptop in the library, on request to the librarian. There are about 2300 images and these are listed in the attached index.

Each slide has been given a unique number, the name and any other details included on Barbara's label.The first group of slides were in files and these have been given a simple number. In addition there were 14 boxes of slides, and these are numbered according to the box number and their position within the box. For example, slide 01 005 is in box 1, at position 005 in the box. Where there are several slides together of the same subject they have the same entry.  In addition the date of the slide has been added when stamped by Kodak and also additional information such as "west wall". The slide above, for example is listed as 0010.

The images are on the SANT laptop in the library in a folder marked CYBLIB (with back-ups elsewhere). The original slides are in the Antiquaries store in the Discovery Museum. They were all scanned by Eric Waites at home, and are stored as jpegs each around 1MB. Denis Peel put the labels on the picturess.

There remain a number of queries and unidentified slides. Volunteers to help with these are warmly welcomed. If you would like to view them and make suggestions as to where (and when) they relate to, please do this in the library, and pass the information to Ian Bower, the librarian, giving the slide reference number, and the relevant information. Please also let Ian know of any typos you discover in the index.




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