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Follow this link for a complete catalogue of all the books owned by SANT.

Most of our collection is housed in the GNM: Hancock library, and these books are also listed in the University catalogue. This will also show you books which are in the Cowen library with which we share premises, and is searchable in a number of different ways, so it may be more useful as a starting point.

The various codings in the Locations column mean;

  • Public – available on the open shelves and may usually be borrowed by members
  • Contr - controlled access; available on request to the librarian, and may only be borrowed by special request
  • Rare books- available on request, but may not be borrowed

In addition books are located off site at

  • Discovery - The Discovery Museum
  • Morpeth - The Bagpipe Museum at Morpeth
  • NRO, Northumberland Archives at Woodhorn (formerly Northumberland Record Office)

These books are not catalogued on the University library catalogue, and in the case of Northumberland Archives are catalogued and stored under the archive catalogue not as a book but for the extra archive material they contain

The final and unfortunate group is “missing” They do sometimes turn up or we  are able to replace them.

Follow this link for more information about our holdings in Northumberland Archives.

Follow this link for more information on the SANT shelving system, including a list of the classifications used.

Library Acquisitions

Books come into the library through donations and bequests, as review copies and through purchase. Follow this link for a list of the books bought or given to our library between September and December 2018.

2018 was another active year in the library. 167 items were added, more than a half of which were by donation from the following; J M Almond, Mike Barke, David Breeze,  Ian Bower, Philip Brooks, Ms Browne, Howard Cleeve, Keith Elliott, Bill Griffiths, Bridget Gubbins, Dave Harker, Alan Hart, Brenda Heywood, Stephanie Jefford, Colm O’Brien, Denis Peel, John Thornborrow bequest, John Tribe The books added covered all periods from the first Celts (around 10,000 BC) to Wartime rationing in Dewsbury..

Many thanks to all those who give or bequeath books to us, and to the volunteers who help in the Library.

Buying new books

We welcome suggestions of books to purchase or receive by donation, but please first check our holdings in the catalogue to be sure we do not already have it. It is useful to give the full book title, author(s), publisher, date, ISBN and price. Send your suggestions direct to the our librarian. Book suggestions are considered at our regular library meetings. Our  budget is limited, and we need to be selective, but do our best to cater for members' interests.

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