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Meetings still to come in 2013

27 Nov, 6pm, Mining Institute: Looking Back and Looking Forwards, with contributions from Derek Cutts: Mr Loftus and his Long Room, Kate Sussams: The Old Newcastle Project – Rejuvenating the Heart of the City, and Dawn Felicia Knox: Artistic Exploration of 200 Years of Antiquarian Endeavour.

The meeting will be followed by a Reception upstairs in the library of the Mining Institute. Members are asked to contribute £2.00 per person to cover the costs.

Meetings so far this year

30 Jan  Anniversary meeting, followed by a Members’ Miscellany with contributions from Denise Heslop: Lindisfarne: an antiquarian playground, Grace McCombie: Our latest acquisition and Sarah Glynn: Looking after collections for the next 200 years.

27 Feb,  Newcastle in 1813: a Society in its Context. Bill Purdue, Newcastle University Public lecture. Summary

27 Mar, The things I had to do: making a living as a musician in 18th century Newcastle, Rosemary Southey

24 April, Latest discoveries at Whitby Abbey, Tony Wilmott

29 May, Lost to the Sea: discovery and rescue of prehistoric remains at Low Hauxley, Clive Waddington. Summary

26 June, Chalcolithic and early Bronze Age funerals: a new synthesis of changing burial practices in North East England, c.2500-1500BC, Chris Fowler. Summary

31 July,  The Wylam Locomotives; Hedley, Chapman and Isaac Jackson - who really did what? Jim Rees.

28 Aug,  Strategic decisions at Flodden (or the Scots was robbed), Chris Burgess. Click here for details of the programme commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Flodden Field.  Summary

25 Sept, Building with Power: Northumbria, Rome and the Anglo-Saxon churches of Wearmouth and Jarrow, Sam Turner. Summary

30 Oct, 6pm, Annual Public Lecture,  A broad field; antiquarianism in the late 18th and early 19th century, David Clarke. Summary

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