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5th Series, 1973-

Archaeologia Aeliana 5th Series, Vol. 24, 1996

Bidwell, P. T., and Watson, M., with contributions by Batey, C., Brickstock, R., Croom, A., Morgan, G., and Payton, R.: Excavations on Hadrian's Wall at Denton, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1986-89. 1-56
Dark, K. R., and Dark, S. P.: New Archaeological and Palynological Evidence for a Sub-Roman Reoccupation of Hadrian's Wall. 57-72
Gardener, R.: The Departure of Paulinus from Northumbria: A Reappraisal. 73-77
Hepple, L.: Walter le Rey Marchis, a Percy King of Arms, and the Falkirk Roll of 1298. 79-82
Hislop, M.: Lumley Castle, its Antecedents and its Architect. 83-98
Arvanigian, M. E.: Free Rents in the Palatinate of Durham, and the Crisis of the late 1430s. 99-108
Williams, A., and Williams, E.: Excavation of a late Medieval Lime Kiln on Beadnell Point, Northumberland. 109-117
Jessop, O.: The Medieval Hospital of Saint Mary Magdalene, Durham. 119-127
Heslop, D. H., and McCombie, G.: "Alderman Fenwick's House", A Late Seventeenth Century House in Pilgrim Street, Newcastle upon Tyne. 129-169
Fraser, C. M.: John Hodgson: County Historian. 171-185
Allason-Jones, L.: Museum Note 1996: Roman Military and Domestic Artefacts from Great Chesters. 187-214
McCord, Norman: John Philipson 1910-1995. 215-217
Dobson, Brian: Eric Birley 1906-1995. 218-220
Dobson, B.: J. Crow, Book of Housesteads. 221-222
Gard, R.: L. Gooch, The Desperate Faction? The Jacobites in North-East England 1688-1745. 222-223
Fern, R. W., Manders, F. W. D., and Allason-Jones, L.: Index. 225

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