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5th Series, 1973-

Archaeologia Aeliana 5th Series, Vol. 7, 1979

Hanson, W. S., Daniels, C. M., Dore, J. N., and Gillam, J. P.: The Agricolan supply base at Red House, Corbridge. 1-97
Jobey, George: Palisaded enclosures, a Roman temporary camp and Roman gravel quarries on Bishop Rigg, Corbridge. 99-113
Austen, P. S., and Breeze, D. J.: A new inscription from Chesters on Hadrian's Wall. 115-126
Jobey, Ian: Housesteads Ware–A Frisian tradition on Hadrian's Wall. 127-143
Bailey, R. N., and O'Sullivan, D.: Excavations over St. Wilfrid's crypt at Hexham, 1978. 145-157
Cambridge, E.: C. C. Hodges and the nave of Hexham Abbey. 159-168
Proudfoot, E. V. W.: A note on some burials from Back Gladstone Street, Hartlepool. 169-177
Tullett, E.: An excavation at the Corner Tower, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1978. 179-189
Howell, R.: The Newcastle clergy and the Quakers. 191-206
Charlton, D. B., and Day, J. C.: Excavation and field survey in Upper Redesdale–Part II. 207-233
Philipson, J.: Additions to the Reid collection of engraved wood-blocks. 235-237
Museum Notes
Allason-Jones, L.: Two unrecognized Roman surgical instruments. 239-241
Atkinson, John: The bronze finger from Carvoran. 241-242
Coleman-Smith, R.: Two Neolithic axeheads from Northumberland. 242-3
Coleman-Smith, R.: A Bronze Age spearhead from Holy Island. 245-6
Dobson, B.: J. Collingwood Bruce, C. M. Daniels (ed.), Handbook to the Roman Wall with the Cumbrian Coast and Outpost Forts. (13th ed.). 247-8
Bailey, Richard N.: R. A. Hall (ed.), Viking Age York and the North. 248-9
Fraser, C. M.: Alan Young, William Cumin: Border Politics and the Bishopric of Durham, 1141-1144. 250
---: Books Received. 250
---: Index. 251

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