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Our latest news bulletin is issue 67, dated Dec 2019.

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Coronavirus; a statement from the President

Owing to the way the coronavirus sitaution has developed, the Society has now decided to take the following steps:

1. Indoor lecture meetings in March, April and May are cancelled and the lectures will be re-arranged at some future time. It may also be necessary to cancel meetings beyond May, and if so members will be informed as soon as possible.

2. We will not be holding our AGM (at which members are presented with and asked to approve the annual report and accounts) until later in the year, provisionally at the September lecture meeting. In the meantime, members will be able to find the annual report and accounts on the website from early April.

3. Notice of the AGM will be mailed out to members at some point in the summer, when it is possible to do so.

4. The summer News Bulletin is due out in early June. If it is not possible to print and mail it by then, it will still be published, but in electronic form only.

5. Regretfully we have cancelled our summer social gathering. We will explore the possibility of replacing this with an autumn equivalent. Those who have purchased tickets for the summer social will be refunded.

6. The Society’s office in the Great North Museum Hancock is now closed and will remain closed until museum policy and social distancing rules allow its re-opening. While the office is closed the Society will not be able to respond to postal correspondence or deal with publication sales.  However, the Membership Administrator and the Trustees are working remotely and can be contacted via the Society's e-mail address, For financial queries, please contact the Society’s Treasurer at  Invoices need to be submitted electronically during the period of office closure. Messages on the office phone will not be picked up. Please communicate by e-mail only.

We apologise for this gross disruption to our regular programme, but hope that members will appreciate that circumstances demand it. Please keep an eye on the website and e-bulletins for updates.

Nick Hodgson, President


Membership of Newcastle Antiquaries is open to anybody with an interest in the history and archaeology of the North East. Follow this link to join online.

Our aim is to promote the preservation, study and enjoyment of historical and archaeological heritage in general, and of the North East of England in particular. We have approaching 800 members, and always welcome new ones. Membership costs £20 per year for students, £40 for individual members, and £64 for joint members. We also have special student online-only membership for only £5 for the academic year. Click here to find out details of what each membership category offers.

We are the oldest provincial antiquarian society in the country, founded in 1813. Our library of over 30,000 books and journals is on the second floor of the Great North Museum: Hancock, and is open to the public. It is currently closed because of the coronavirus, but follow this link for normal opening hours. We own many of the exhibits on display in museums in the region, and our large archives are deposited at Northumberland Archives. (We have been told it will be closed from 22 March, although their website does not yet reflect this. Our Unlocking the Archives project, originally funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, is working on making documents accessible, through digitising and transcribing them.

News and Events

We normally have a full programme of  lectures, walks and visits, and social events. In the current situation, these are all cancelled.

Normally, we keep members notified of other events of interest around the region. In the current situation, please assume an event has been cancelled unless the organisers tell you to the contrary.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, we are providing an Exchange newsletter of information and resources, sent out once a week at the weekend. Follow this link for copies of each of these (you will need to log in as a member first).

Contacting us

Our library and office are on the second floor of the Great North Museum: Hancock. During the current situation, both office and library are closed, and we will supply a temporary address and phone number as soon as one is available.

E-mail address;

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We sponsor and publish research into North East history and archaeology of all periods

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 We run a regular e-mail circular. If you are a member and would like to be included on the e-mailing list, please e-mail the website editor.  Please note that, as required under the General Data Protection Regulations, we are no longer sending e-circulars or electronic copies of the News Bulletin to those from whom we have not received specific consent to do so. Members who have not consented default to receiving items by post only. You can of course resubscribe to our e-mail lists at any time; simply send us an e-mail, including your name and (if known) your membership number.

We also have a Facebook page and are on Twitter.

We are a registered charity, registration number 230888. Click here for our entry on the Charity Commission website. We are also partners in the management of Newcastle Castle.

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