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Hadrian's Wall Pilgrimage 2019

Hadrian's Wall Pilgrimage 2019

The Fourteenth Pilgrimage of Hadrian's Wall was held from 20 to 28 July 2019. The programme was designed to illustrate recent work on Hadrian’s Wall, as well as visits to the traditional sites and to museums. There were two main themes: sites which illustrated the building of the Wall, and those which illuminated its history in the third and fourth centuries. Follow this link for a short informal report by Sue Ward. This will go into the next edition of the News Bulletin in December 2019, possibly with corrections and additional comments if anyone wants to make them. For a more serious and knowledgeable report by Andrew Selkirk, editor-in-chief of Current Archaeology, follow this link to their website.

Our new book linked to the Pilgrimage, Hadrian's Wall 2009-2019; a summary of excavations and research, compiled by Rob Collins and Matthew Symonds, will be on sale at our 31 July Monthly Meeting, and available from the office thereafter, price £15 + postage and packing.

Images; the left-hand one is the logo for the Pilgrimage, from which the Pilgrim Badge was created, and the right-hand one shows the Pilgrims at Chesters (picture courtesy Bill Griffiths)



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