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Newcastle Poll Book

This is a record of the voting in the Newcastle Election of 1780 with additional manuscript notes of the canvass for the 1784 election. It has been digitised and is now on a separate part of this website. The title page is here, and from that you can move through the book to see all of the following pages. Follow this link for more information about it, and this one for the contents page. (Please note; copyright in this set of digital images belongs to the Society).

The Poll Book has 58 double pages, but only the right-hand page of each pair has anything printed on it. The canvass for the 1784 election is written on both left- and right-hand pages, but usually with a lot more on the right, including additional names for new voters since the 1780 election. A few left-hand pages do not have any annotations.

Our volunteer Marie-Claire Robson is now building on this. She has provided us with the contents page/index, a list of the names heading up each page. This will help visitors to locate the one they are interested in. (The page also lists names at the bottom of each page, but often they will not be the ones lowest down in alphabetical order, because they include handwritten additions).

Please e-mail Marie-Claire if you would like to help her with this work.

There is also a CD available, with both a copy of this Poll Book (without notes), and of the 1777 Poll Book (with notes) on it. The handwriting on the two annotated copies seems to be the same, and may be that of the agent for candidate 'Stoney' Bowes. To buy a copy of the CD, go to the website for  Archive CD Books Ireland and put 'Newcastle Poll Books' into their search engine. We will shortly also have a copy in the library, for reference and use on the computers there, but not for borrowing.

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