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5th Series, 1973-2021

Archaeologia Aeliana 5th Series, Vol. 34, 2005

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Fowler, P. J., and Strutt, K. D.: An archaeological survey of Hartington Moor on the Wallington Hall Estate, near Morpeth, Northumberland. 1–27
Waddington, Clive, with Johnson, Benjamin, and Mazel, Aron: Excavation of a rock art site at Hunterheugh Crag, Northumberland. 29–54
Tolan-Smith, Christopher: A cairn on Birkside Fell – Excavations in 1996 and 1997. 55–65
Symonds, Matthew: The construction order of the Milecastles on Hadrian's Wall. 67–81
McCombie, Frank: The possible site of a Pilgrim's Inn, Newcastle upon Tyne. 83–94
Adams, Sophia: Excavations carried out in January and June 2003 at Stowell Street, Newcastle upon Tyne. 95–100
Lawson, Graeme: Tuning and tradition: the earliest Northumbrian bagpipe chanters and their relationship to the study of archaeological bone pipes. 101–14
Dix, Robin: Richard Dawes and the art of pre-emptive self-defence: the figure of 'Momion' in Akenside's The Pleasures of Imagination. 115–9
Oates, Jonathan: Carlisle, the '45 and the march to Hexham. 121–8
Hepple, Leslie W.: Nelson's Obelisk: Alexander Davison, Lord Nelson and the Northumberland Landscape. 129–50
Hodgson, N.: The Roman place-names Arbeia and Corstopitum: a response to the response. 151–2
Breeze, Andrew: Celts, bears, and the River Irthing. 152–3
Museum Notes
Waddington, Clive: A polished stone axe head from Doddington, Northumberland. 155–6
Stobbs, Graeme, and Speak, Steve: A single cup-marked stone from Seaton Delaval. 157–8
Sheridan, Alison, with contributions by McSweeney, Kathleen, and Rogers, Penelope Walton: An early historic steatite urn from Orkney: new information on an old find. 158–67
Book Reviews
Miket, Roger, and Welfare, Adam: Frodsham et al., Archaeology in Northumberland National Park. 169–71
Hodgson, N.: Wilson and Caruana (eds.), Romans on the Solway: Essays in Honour of Richard Bellhouse. 171–3
Bailey, Richard N.: Book Notices. 175
Fern, Roger: Index. 177

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