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Freemen’s names. Trades.GuildPlaces of Abode.County 17801784Notes
Ord John, Esq HoastmanHostmenLondon London 11 11
Ord Thomas Barb SurgBarber SurgeonsBarker House within modern Newcastle 11 11
Ord William, Esq HoastmanHostmenFenham within modern Newcastle 11 11
Orrick Bartholomew CordwainerCordwainersNorthum Militia unknown X not prom
Orrick John b.a.s.o. CordwainerCordwainersNewcastle Newcastle X 11
Otway William s.o. ShipwrightShipwrightLondon London 11 London
Owen Richard MerchantMerchant AdventurersNewcastle Newcastle X 11
Oxley Henry ButcherButchersNewcastle Newcastle 11 ab
Ord James HoastmaHostmenNcl Newcastle
Park George RoperRopemakersSunderland Tyne and Wear 11not promd but pr
Park John HoastmanHostmenWhitehall, Essex Essex X for Mr Bowes
Parker George RoperRopemakersNewcastle Newcastle X 1 Pr
custom house Parker George* CooperCoopersNewcastle Newcastle 1 Surveyor
Parker John * TinplatewUpholsterers and TinplateworkersHexham Northumberland 11 not pr
Parkinson Stephen PlumberPlumbers and GlaziersNewcastle Newcastle 11 11agt
Partis Edward, b.o. BricklayerBricklayers, Wallers and PlasterNewcastle Newcastle 11 1wont P
Mort Partis Richard HoastmanHostmenBallast Hills Tyne and Wear X
custm house Partis Thomas HoastmanHostmenBarton Northumberland 11
Paterson John SmithSmithsNewcastle Newcastle 11 agt
{?.......} Paterson John Baker & Br.Bakers and BrewersNewcastle Newcastle 11 11
Pattison Edward SpurrierSpurriersMarlish Northumberland X
Pattison John MasonMasonsNewcastle Newcastle X 1
Pattison John GlazierPlumbers and GlaziersLondon London X
Pattison Robert BricklayerBricklayers, Wallers and PlasterNewcastle Newcastle X agt
Pattison Thomas Skin & GlovSkinners and GloversEachwick Northumberland 11 lives with Mr Bill Skinner Houghton
Pattison Thomas SpurrierSpurriersNewcastle Newcastle X 1
Paxton Peter b.o. House CarpHouse CarpentersNewcastle Newcastle 11 11
Payne William RoperRopemakersNorth Shields Tyne and Wear X
Peacock Francis SmithSmithsNewcastle Newcastle 11 1
Peacock Joseph SmithSmithsNewcastle Newcastle 11 11agt
Peareth Henry MerchantMerchant AdventurersLittle Houghton Northumberland X
Peareth Rich Tho MerchantMerchant AdventurersNewcastle Newcastle 11 11
Peareth William MerchantMerchant AdventurersNewcastle Newcastle 11 11
Pearson Christopher CooperCoopersNewcastle Newcastle X 1Prif wanted
Pearson Luke MarinerMarinersSunderland Tyne and Wear X agt at sea expected daily
Pearson William CooperCoopersNewcastle Newcastle X abs
Pearson William ShipwrightShipwrightNorth Shields Tyne and Wear 11 abs
Pemberton Robert MarinerMarinersBowden Tyne and Wear Xill not seen
* he also polled for Lord Mulgrave
Park Thos 1Split
10/6 on {?....} Pattison Geo MasonMasonsNcastle Newcastle 1pabs45 {?....-�} in
Paxton John MarinerMariners {? �.} in at Dumfries
Pearson Mark TaylorTailors
Pearson Tho B & BrewerBakers and Brewers 1 PV
Pearson Mark ButcherButchers 1agtnot prom?
Pattison Barthw CarptHouse Carpenters 1 1 prSplit like made
Park John CooperCoopers 1pr
Pearson Edwd ButcherButchers a prom wants a Guild
Pattison James MarinerMariners 11ab
Patterson John S Shields Tyne and Wear 1No Vote
Pattison Jno MarinerMariners no vote
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Pattison Jno Jun. MasonMasons B
Penman Edwd JoinerJoiners Guild Stopt
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