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Freemen’s names. Trades.GuildPlaces of Abode.County 17801784Notes
Abbs Rich. Bryan Barb. Surg.Barber SurgeonsNewcastle Newcastle 11 11
Adams Alexand HoastmanHostmenNewcastle Newcastle 11 11ag
Adamson Blythman MarinerMarinersBambrough Northumberland 11 11
Adamson Cuthbert MarinerMarinersGateshead Tyne and Wear 11 11ab
Adamson Matthew MarinerMarinersNorth Shields Tyne and Wear X 1and doubtfull al
Addison Joseph GlazierPlumbers and GlaziersNewcastle Newcastle X 11split
Addison Michael SmithSmithsNewcastle Newcastle 11 11ag
Addison William Fuller &cFullers and DyersNewcastle Newcastle 11 11
Air Thomas BricklayerBricklayers, Wallers and PlasterNewcastle Newcastle 11 11wont promise
Airey Henry HoastmanHostmenNewcastle Newcastle 11 11
Airey Jonathan HoastmanHostmenNewcastle Newcastle X 11
Airey Joseph MarinerMarinersNewcastle Newcastle 11 11
Mort Akenhead Benjamin SaddlerSaddlersNewcastle Newcastle 11
Akenside William ButcherButchersEachwick Northumberland 11 not ag{?st}
Alcock Robert MarinerMarinersNorth Shields Tyne and Wear 11 on his passage down
Alder Anthony ButcherButchersWhittingham Northumberland 11 ag{?ly}
Alder Christ. b.o. ButcherButchersNewcastle Newcastle X 1Pd
Akenhead Matt MarinerMariners
Akenhead John So Shields Tyne and Wear ready for sea {?
Adams {??}
Allcock Thomas No Shields Tyne and Wear ab {?t}
Customs Ayre Robt Boatman
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