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Minutes of General Meeting of Gentlemen and Clergy of the County

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Third That the Money subscribed and paid in the several Towns above mentioned shall be transmitted weekly to the Treasurer of the County or to one of the Banks in Newcastle on his account Fourth That the Agents of Noblemen and Gentlemen having property in this County and are not at this Time resident therein be desired to transmit to their Masters the Resolutions of this meeting Fifth That a Committee of Thirty three Gentlemen and Clergymen residing near to the River Tyne where the principal Damage was done be appointed and authorized to distribute amongst the Sufferers by the late Inundation all the Money which shall be raised by this Subscription and that the Committee be desired to use their Endeavours to be truely informed not only of the Loss which Individuals have suffered but also of the present Condition and Circumstances of the Sufferers that the Distribution of the Money to be collected may bear proportion to the Necessity of the Receivers Sixth That the Committee be desired to meet on Monday first in the Grand Jury Room in Hexham in order to get the accounts delivered to them by the Sufferers as well authenticated as the nature of the Case will admit and to adjourn from time to time as they shall judge necessary -- Seventh That any Seven of the Committee be empowered to transact all Business relative to this Charity, excepting the Disposal of Money, on which occasion Eleven at the least must be present -- Eighth That the Committee or the major part thereof may at their first or second meeting draw upon the County Treasurer or one of the Banks in Newcastle for any sum not exceeding two hundred pounds to be immediately -- distributed amongst the most necessitous of the Sufferers for their present Support --- Ninth That the Books for Subscriptions be kept open to the Twentieth of January next and no longer Tenth That the Committee be desired to meet as soon as may be after the Books of Subscription are shut that they may when they know the whole Sum collected settle the distributive Shares to be paid to the respective objects of this Charity -- Eleventh That as soon as all the Money shall be distributed, the Committee be desired to publish in the Newcastle Newspapers an account of their Receipts and Disbursments The names of the committee appointed to enquire into and settle and pay Damages according to the Resolutions of Hexham -- 19th December 1771. The Revd Mr. Rickman Captain Smith Mr. Henry Tulip Mr. Blackett - Wylam Captain Bainbridge Mr. William Tulip The Revd Mr. Gregson Sir Lanct Allgood Doctor Dockwray Mr. Fenwick - Bywell Mr. Riddell. Swinburn Mr. Bacon Wastell

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