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2021 Programme

Room 2.98, Armstrong Building, Newcastle University

Room 2.98 is on the second floor, opposite the lift. Anyone taking the main stairs needs to turn left when you reach the second floor. The room is then first on the right.

If coming from Newcastle Metro

Come up from Haymarket between King's Gate Building and the coffee shop, up the steps and through the arches into the quadrangle. The Armstrong Building is the redbrick one on your left. It has a side-door in the far left-hand corner of the Quadrangle. If this is open, go in there and proceed straight ahead to the main hall, where you'll find the lift and the main staircase. (Don’t be tempted by the spiral staircase immediately inside this entrance – it takes you up into a confusing area of passages). If the side door is not open, go through the arch between Percy Building and Armstrong Building and turn left; this will take you to the Queen Victoria Road entrance, so follow the instructions from there.

If coming from Queen Victoria Road

Go straight ahead into the main hall, and you'll find the lift in the passageway on the right,  and the staircase on the left.

We will put up direction signs, and a poster on the door.

Follow this link for the University's campus map.



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