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COVID 19 grants information   7 May 2020

In order to help archaeologists and historians whose normal work programme might have been disrupted by COVID-19, the Society has set aside limited funds to assist research or publication projects in its area of interest (archaeology and history of the historic counties of Northumberland, Durham, and Newcastle upon Tyne) developed while it is impossible to carry on normal work during the lockdown. An example might be archaeological publication backlog projects that require a small grant towards illustration or specialist work to bring them to completion.

Rather than waiting till its usual grant deadline of 30 November, the Society invites applications from today which will be considered at the end of each month, with the aim of letting the applicant know the outcome as soon as possible after the end of the month in which the decision is made. Grants will be offered to defray expenditure on well-defined, achievable projects that can be carried out this year. Payment for applicants' time is not an eligible expense. The Society reserves the right not to offer any grant. Download the application form here.

We envisage most grants being for amounts up to £1,000 but may be able to award up to £2,000 in exceptional cases. 

Grants will be awarded to projects that are clearly defined and which are time-limited with an achievable completion date.

Applicants should seek funding from other grant-giving organisations in addition to the Society whenever possible.

Completed grant application forms should contain all the necessary information for the initial assessment of the project.

The Society emphasises the importance of the publication of research projects.

If successful the applicant will be asked to provide a brief report of the work for possible inclusion in the Society’s bi-annual News Bulletin.


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