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A message from Connal Parr

Northumbria University’s History department is leading the reactivation of the North East's branch of the Historical Association. This was once one of the most vibrant of branches in the UK but has since fallen by the wayside. We want to reboot it and gather together any interested groups or individuals who might want to be involved in its running with us, with a view to making the North East a hub for historical discussion and debate once more. It will allow any interested parties to build up networks and contacts of their own, get together with like-minded people, and eventually develop a dynamic and exciting environment for those enthused by all things History.

To get the ball rolling, we are hosting a meeting on 5 July at 4.30 for teachers, historians, and other interested parties in the region to meet with us at Northumbria’s main campus in Newcastle city centre for a provisional discussion and general chat. The meeting will be in the Lipman Building, on Northumbria University's campus, and there will be light refreshments. There will be a proper launch event in the autumn, and a first year’s programme to follow soon after.

We greatly look forward to meeting those excited about such activity, who have hopefully had their heads turned by this news.

For any queries or further information, please contact Connal Parr, Vice Chancellor’s Research Fellow in the Humanities at Northumbria University

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