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Unlocking the Archives

Over the 200+ years that Newcastle Antiquaries have existed, we have collected large numbers of documents, mostly looked after by Northumberland Archives at Woodhorn. We have 580 boxes there, made up of 76 separate collections. One of our aims is to make this material as accessible as possible, and to this end we are involved in digitising and transcribing some of the more interesting ones.

Edwarde Potter's Boke

Our current project is to transcribe 'Edwarde Potter's Booke of Physicke and Chyougery', (the final word means surgery). It is in fact two original volumes bound together, about 300 pages in all; the first half is dated 1610 and the second is probably early eighteenth-century. A description of it was given in a 1917 article in our Proceedings - follow this link to see a copy. Antiquaries' Council have kindly agreed to cover the cost of digitisation. This will go on the dedicated website alongside our other volumes in due course.

There will be a meeting to discuss the new project on 25 September at Explore, 4th Floor, Commercial Union House, Pilgrim Street, 6.00-8.00 - anyone interested is welcome, and further news will be added to the website.


Our HLF funded project

In 2017-18, the Antiquaries undertook a project to transcribe a number of our archives. We were given a £6,500 Heritage Lottery Fund grant for Unlocking the Archives, a project digitising, transcribing and disseminating a number of documents at Woodhorn. Follow this link for the dedicated website.

All the images are now on site, along with transcriptions provided by a team of volunteers, and information about the documents, the personalities, and the background.

Also as part of the project;

- we ran two free palaeography classes in conjunction with Explore Lifelong Learning and Durham Record Office, to whom much thanks; and

- we funded Time Bandits, a historical re-enactment group, to provide workshops in schools in Northumberland and County Durham. They ran 16 in all, some involving children as young as 4. There are details in our recent News Bulletin 64, dated Julne 2018.


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