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Following the announcement of the closure of Bede's World, we have been asked to circulate this statement and request from Dr Sarah Semple of Durham University;

The closure may be temporary. We do, however, need as much support as possible. I would ask anyone who has visited or led field visits with students or lectured for the Friends to consider helping us by writing in support and encouraging their organisations to do so as well. Letters or e-mails should be directed to the Leader of South Tyneside Council and copied to the Chief Executive.

The key messages we need to get across are that any new venue must retain the educational purpose of Bede's World and should continue to serve as an educational resource for all levels - from schools through to university students and adult education; we also need to emphasise that the complex and museum must retain a connection to Bede and the early medieval monasteries.

Please write if you can and please share this widely and with any mailing lists relevant to early medieval archaeology or to the region.

Leader of South Tyneside Council - Iain Malcolm and
CE of South Tyneside Council - Martin Swales; follow this link for the e-mail address for both

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