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Introduction to the 1771 Tyne Flood Papers

Spelling of people's names;

In the eighteenth century, spelling was often uncertain and variable, even where people's own surnames were concerned. For example, several people's names were spelt in one way in the list of those appointed to the Committee (page 5 of transcript) and a different way in the signatures in these or subsequent minutes, or in the lists of those present at later committee meetings:

Variant Spelling  1                 Variant Spelling 2

Reverend Mr. Clark               Reverend Mr. Clarke

Reverend Mr. Leak               Reverend Mr. Leeke

Reverend Mr. Railston          Reverend Mr. Railton

The following people signed the minutes of this meeting but were not listed as members of the committee:

Dyes and Dyestuffs

On page 372, the dyestuffs being sent from Kendal to Henry Nairn, caught up in the floods during an overnight stop at Chollerford, are listed. The very helpful notes below have been provided by dyer Ann Evans of Durham - many thanks to her;

Books lost in the floods

Very few books are recorded as lost in the floods, though there are a few references to the Bible and prayer books. Pages 232-3, 294, 312, list several other texts;

Joseph Neal's business activities

Joseph Neal (also spelt Neale and Neil) was the head gardener to William Fenwick of Bywell Hall. He and his wife lost many of their  household goods, but also, according to the inventory;

				1000 cauliflower plants                                 
				2,500 Early Cabbage plants                                
				2000 late Cabbage plants 

This is not, however, Fenwick trying to pass off some of his own losses as someone else's. It was not unusual for someone in his own position to run a market gardening business alongside his employment, and to sell the products to the household. Indeed, given the fluctuations in the demands of a gentry household, it would have been an efficient way to organise, with products that were surplus to the owner's requirements at any one time being sold to the general public.




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