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The Lindisfarne Hoard of gold and silver coins was found by Richard Mason in a pottery jug when he was underpinning the foundations of a house on Lindisfarne in 2003. It wasn’t until 2011 that he realised that the jug contained coins and took them to Rob Collins, the Portable Antiquities Finds Liaison Officer for the North East. It was recently declared Treasure Trove, and the race is now on for SANT to raise the £30,900 needed to keep the Hoard in the region.

The Hoard includes 10 gold and 7 silver coins, the latest dating to the mid 16th century.There are four gold and six silver coins from English mints, a silver thaler minted at Annaberg by the Electorate of Saxony, two gold écu au soleil coins of Francis 1 of France, and two gold Burgundian crowns of Charles V of the Netherlands. The most important coin, however, is a gold scudo of Pope Clement VII (1523-34), which is a very rare find. The earliest coin is a silver groat of Henry VI, minted in the late 1420s or early 1430s, the latest is a silver sixpence of Elizabeth I, minted in London in 1562. The jug in which the Hoard was found comes from the potteries of Frechen in the Rhineland. Follow this link for a catalogue of the coins.

The Society already owns a similar jug containing a hoard of 50 silver coins, also of Elizabethan date which, astonishingly, was found in 1962 at the same property on Lindisfarne.  As the Island was used largely as a garrison in the Elizabethan period, with the priory given over as a supply base, the original owner of the two Hoards was probably a military officer who had seen service on the Continent.

The public campaign to raise funds to buy the Hoard has been successful - many thanks to all the donors. Around £5,000 came from individuals, both members of SANT and the wider public, while £13,000 came from the V and A Purchase Grant fund, and a matching amount from the Headly Museums Archaeological Acquisitions Scheme.

Thanks to all who have contributed to our appeal to save the Hoard. We will share the results of our campaign in the near future.

Other opportunities to purchase historic items do come up from time to time, so we maintain a Collections Fund; if you would like to contribute to that, you can do it;






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