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Archaeologia Aeliana

Currently, digital copies of most of series 1 and 2 (1822-1904) and a few volumes of Series 3, are available on the Internet Archive, and are also listed on the contents pages for each series, with the appropriate link.

However, these are of variable quality and we have a much bigger project for the whole of Archaeologia Aeliana and the Proceedings of the Society to be digitised. Its intended home is the Archaeology Data Service. at the University of York. A considerable amount of work is still needed, but we now have PDFs of all volumes.

As an interim measure, Roger Fern has uploaded the PDFs for 119 volumes onto his personal Dropbox space, where members (and others) are welcome to look at them, if you find it useful. This includes the whole of Series 1 to 4 (1817/1822-1971), and vols 1-19 of the 5th Series. These are all-in-one PDFs (they will in due course be broken down into separate PDFs for each of the articles in each volume). This means that they are very large files, which will take a very long time to download unless you have fast internet access.

Follow these links for the volumes;

      1st series:  

      2nd series:  

      3rd series

      4th series:  

      5th series up to vol 19.

Our Proceedings are also available; follow this link for these files

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