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Unidentified images from the collection

On this page are a number of images from Barbara Harbottle's collection, which are unlabelled and as yet unidentified. Can you help us identify where they relate to, and the date of the picture? Click on the caption below each one to send us an e-mail about it.

This is only a sample of the mystery images. When we have had an answer and are reasonably sure about one image, we will move it to the Images page, and add another one to puzzle you. Thanks to Graeme Stobbs for the first identification - images 0314 and 0315, both of Langley Castle. And the image in the last News Bulletin was Morpeth Castle, identified by several people.

Slide 0313. E-mail us if you know where it is

Slide 0316. E-mail us if you know where it is

Slide 0328. E-mail us if you know where it is

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