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Archaeologia Aeliana

Test pages - AA sample scans

As part of its investigations into digitising Archaeologia Aeliana and Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle, the Society has asked 3 firms to do sample scans of the same piece of text.  This is from Archaeologia Aeliana, 4th series, volume 10 (1933), pages 94-101, which include 8 pages of text, plus 6 pages of plates (one of which is a foldout plan).  The firms were asked to scan all of these pages and plates to separate tiff files at 600 dpi, and then provide a PDF of the whole article, OCR'd.  One firm, unasked, has also provided a complete additional set, scanned at 300 dpi, and another firm has provided two additional sets, scanned at 300 and 400 dpi.  The following files are the results, on separate pages for each set.

Firm A

Firm B (i) 

Firm B (ii)

Firm C (i)

Firm C (ii)

Firm C (iii)

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