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These pdfs are for people to examine in connection with the digitisation of Archaeologia Aeliana and the Proceedings of Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle. We want to hear how easy (or difficult) it is to download/view any of these pdf's. You can do this by clicking on each one below.

Items 1 to 11 were scanned from printed volumes of AA & PSAN1. They are tests of scanning quality, and whether or not 600 dpi gives better results than 300 dpi. They have been OCR-ed by the people who did the scanning.  How good do you think it is?  (If you want to know how to check this, contact Roger Fern)

1. AA, 3rd series vol., 600 dpi, B&W -- 3 MB
2.  AA, 3rd series vol., 600 dpi, colour -- 3.3 MB
3.  AA, 3rd series vol., 600 dpi, greyscale -- 428.1 K
4.  AA, 4th series vol., 600 dpi, B&W -- 3 MB
5.  AA, 4th series vol., 600 dpi, colour -- 3.3 MB
6.  AA, 4th series vol., 600 dpi, greyscale -- 428.1 K
7.  Proceedings vol., 300 dpi, B&W -- 876 K
8.  Proceedings vol., 300 dpi, colour -- 5.7 MB
9.  Proceedings vol., 600 dpi, B&W -- 453 K
10.  Proceedings vol., 600 dpi, colour -- 3.3 MB
11.  Proceedings vol., 600 dpi, greyscale -- 3.1 MB

Items 12 to 16 are from the AA volume for 2011, and have been taken direct from the typesetter's files, WITHOUT SCANNING. In items 12 to 16, the images should stand being magnified quite considerably (i.e. by your image-viewing software).  We would like people to zoom in on the illustrations and say how useful they find this facility,

 Some images in the Internet version of Archaeologia Aeliana may have to be watermarked, for copyright reasons.  Items 12 to 14 are images of a single page in AA 2011, with a photograph which has been watermarked in three different ways.  We would like to hear any opinions on suitability and/or usefulness of the different watermark treatments.

12.  AA 2011, Watermark3 -- 3.3 MB
13.  AA 2011, Watermark4 -- 3.3 MB
14.  AA 2011, Watermark5 -- 3.3 MB
15.  AA 2011, art 7 -- 746 K
16.  AA 2011, art 3 -- 33 MB

Please send comments to Roger Fern and Richard Pears.;

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