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Library Acquisitions

We have a new complete shelflist for our library this year; follow this link for details.   This lists all the books owned by SANT, including those which have gone missing over the years. 

Most of our collection is housed in the GNM: Hancock library, and also listed in the University catalogue. This will also show you books which are in the Cowen library with which we share premises, and is searchable in a number of different ways, so it may be more useful as a starting point.

The various codings in the Locations column mean;

In addition books are located off site at

These books are not catalogued on the University library catalogue, and in the case of Northumberland Archives are catalogued and stored under the archive catalogue not as a book but for the extra archive material they contain

The final and unfortunate group is “missing” They do sometimes turn up or we  are able to replace them.

Follow this link for more information about our holdings in Northumberland Archives.

Follow this link for more information on the SANT shelving system, including a list of the classifications used.

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