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2nd series, 1857-1904

Click here to see a digitised copy of this volume. (This is incomplete, with the text of only one individual part (part 25), which includes only pages 1–168 of the full volume.

Archaeologia Aeliana 2nd Series, Vol. 9, 1882

Clephan, James: William Hutchinson, Merchant Adventurer, his Life and Times. 1
Clayton, John: Observations on Centurial Stones found on the Roman Wall, Northumberland and Cumberland. 22
Clayton, John: Further Observations on Centurial Stones. 37
Clephan, James: Sergeant Hoskyns and the Wallas Epitaph. 41
Ellison, Ralph Carr: Saxon Names of Certain Roman Roads. 49
Trevelyan, Bart., Sir C. E.: Discovery of Ancient Bronze Implements near Wallington. 52
Johnson, Robert James: The Black Gate. 53
Gregory, John V.: Place-Names of the County of Northumberland, with Reference to the Ancestry of the People. 57
Hodgkin, Thomas: The Pfahlgraben: An Essay towards a Description of the Barrier of the Roman Empire between the Danube and the Rhine. 73
Ellison, Ralph Carr: On the Meaning of the Term "Ala Petriana." 162
Bruce, J. C.: The Newly-Discovered Roman Stone at Hexham. 164
Hooppell, R. E.: On an Altar, with Inscription, recently found at Binchester. 169
Hooppell, R. E.: On a Newly-Discovered Roman Inscription at Chester-le-Street. 173
Clephan, James: Some Old Forms of Law: An Historical Sketch. 180
Hooppell, R. E.: On the Results of the Exploration of the Roman Station of Vinovium, in the Year 1878. 191
Robinson, T. W. U.: On Two Salt Spoons formerly belonging to the "Beef-steak Society." 202
Holmes, Sheriton: An Account of Recent Investigations at the Ruined Chapel of North Gosforth. 205
Clayton, John: Recent Discoveries at Cawfields, on the Roman Wall. 211
Bruce, J. C.: On a Roman Milestone found at Rhiwiau, in North Wales. 221
Bruce, J. C.: On another Roman Milestone found in North Wales. 231
Bruce, J. C.: An Exploratory Turret of the Roman Wall. 235
Clephan, James: Old Tyne Bridge and its Cellars. 237
---: Report. 241
---: Treasurer's Balance Sheet. 243
---: Honorary Members. 244
---: Ordinary Members. 245
---: Officers for 1883. 251
---: Index. 253

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