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New Keeper of Coins

This year also sees the retirement of Edward Albert Gilmour, universally known as Gil. With the move to the GNM, he has reluctantly had to say goodbye to his beloved coin collection which he has cherished for more than twenty years. Gil not born a numismatologist on his retirement as a transport operative responded to my appeal for library volunteers, (familiar story?) and soon discovered that Graham Robson, the keeper of coins, required assistance as he was then unable to climb the Black Gate Stairs. A then young and active Gil, already an accomplished artist and expert on heraldry took on the challenge with relish and following the sadly premature death of Graham became keeper of coins.

Gil’s enthusiasm for cataloguing the coin collection meant that he was soon to be seen in the library on most opening days, head down producing minute illustrations of coins as he sorted out the genuine from forgeries,  but never fulfilling my request for coins for the Castle Garth Parking meters. For me of course with other axes to grind Gil became the backbone of the volunteers who kept the library  open from 1987 until the move in 2009. The Society wishes to record its thanks for this service and wish you, Gil, a long and happy retirement.

Our new Keeper of Coins is Rob Collins, the Portable Antiquities officer for the North East, and in his spare time, a student of the Roman frontier. Like Gil, Rob was not a born numismatist, but he developed a keen interest after some training and a rather more rigorous practice identifying the historic coins of Britain as the Portable Antiquities officer for the region. Before this, Rob completed his PhD at the University of York on late Roman Hadrian's Wall. Rob hopes to carry on the excellent work of Gil and previous Keepers and to promote the Society's coin collection.'

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