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Museum seating appeal
The Appeal leaflet for contributions towards providing seating throughout the galleries in the Great North Museum went out in a special mailing in May 2008, and a further appeal will be included in the next mailing in December 2008. We do hope that all members who have not yet done so will consider donating.

Ms L Allason-Jones
Mrs M Anderson
Mr R G Atkinson
Prof and Mrs R N Bailey
Mr C Baker-Cresswell
Prof G R Batho
Mr F Bettess
Mrs S Bird
Prof D J Breeze
Mr A W Brewis
Miss G A Cadman
Mrs D B Charlton
Ms M Creighton
Mr J R Cruse
Mr J Darling
(in memory of) John Dore
Mrs J L Drury
Mr M Dunn
Miss J Du Cane
Mr and Mrs W Errington
Mr R Fairbairn
Mr G A Fenwick
Mr R Fern
Dr M Flood
Dr C M Fraser
Mr B G Gargate
Dr D W J Gill
Mr A E Gilmour
Ms E  M Gould
Mr J R Green
Mr J R Grieves
Dr P M Hacking
Mr S T L Harbottle
Ms L Harrison
Mr M Hassall
Mr J G B Heal
Dr J A Hedley
Mr and Mrs T Heron
Mr and Mrs D Hide
Mrs E J P Kendall
Ms S C Lenderyou
Dr V A Maxfield
Mr F McCombie
Mrs G McCombie
Prof N McCord
Mr I McVicar
Dr M M Meikle
Mr A G Mein
Mr and Mrs G Miller
Prof C D Morris
Mrs V C Motherale
Mrs J I Parvin
Mr and Mrs D Peel
Ms G Plowright
Mr J S Poulter
Ms W Prahms
Mrs M Preston
Prof J Price
Mrs E I Randall
Ms J Reynolds
Mrs R E Richardson
Miss T Rooney
Mr J E Scott
Mr and Mrs J Slade
Mrs J Spence
Ms I Soulsby
Mrs B Thickett
Mr P R G Thirkell
Mr J Wilkes

  We are very grateful for all the donations already received. Later donations will be added at intervals, and the names of donors will also be permanently recorded within the Museum.

 Our thanks to all concerned.
David Hide, Treasurer

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