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Letter from Wm Fenwick re new subscription begun in London

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Sir I this day by the Hands of my servant Geo: Green received in Newcastle Bank Notes and cash the sum of Three Hundred & eighteen pounds two shillings for the Relief of the poor sufferers by the great flood in the parishes of Bywell which I promise to account to you for, I have so many small sums to pay shall be greatly distressed for small money I observe in the last London Evening a subscription begun in London for the sufferers in the North by the flood which will oblige us to keep open our books at Hexham for some time after the next meeting I am Sir Yr Humble St Bywell Febry 18 1772 Wm Fenwick P:S: The parcel of notes value five pound each Received together amounted to the sum of ninety five pounds only altho' £100 was marked upon the paper the loose five pound note made up the sum of £100

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