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Flood Book

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Flood Book Contents

11 Spine of Book: River Tyne Flood Papers 1771
22 Front Cover of Book with Catalogue Ref.
35 Minutes of General Meeting of Gentlemen and Clergy of the County 19 December 1771
66 Minutes of the Second Meeting of the Committee 3 January 1772Click on 'More Information' on sidebar for explanation of missing minutes of 1st meeting
77 Minutes of the Third Meeting of the Committee 9 January 1772
89 Minutes of the Fourth Meeting of the Committee 5 February 1772Date not visible on scan, inferred from minutes of 3rd meeting
1011 Minutes of the Fifth Meeting of the Committee 2 March 1772
1212 Minutes of the Sixth Meeting of the Committee 16 March 1772
1314 Minutes of the Seventh Meeting of the Committee 23 March 1772
1515 Minutes of the Eighth Meeting of the Committee 1 June 1772
1616 Minutes of the Ninth Meeting of the Committee 6 July 1772
1720 Draft Open letter by one of Northumberland Committee undated Mid-March 1772. See p 10
2122 Draft of letters to Treasurers in Northumberland Dec 20th 1771
2323 Account of payments and subscriptions received Probably July 1772See p 491
2424 Heading: Draft of paragraphs sent to Newspapers no dateMid-March 1772. See p 10
2525 Draft letter from L Heron to committee members Dec 28th 1771
2626 Note about letters to bank and treasurers
2728 Memoranda and lists of subscriptions paid January 1772
2932 List of Contributions to a Collection in Hexham January 1772
3333 List of Subscriptions from North Shields and Preston
3435 Letter from Cuthbert Brough (North Shields) to Lancelot Heron 21st January 1772
3638 List of Subscriptions from Morpeth January 1772
3940 Letter from Thomas Lindsay with a List of Alnwick subscriptions 21st January 1772
4142 Letter from Revd. Thomas Noble (Belford) to Mr. Ralph Heron 20th January 1772
4345 List of Subscriptions from Belford 31st December 1771
4649 List of Subscriptions from Wooler January-February 1772
5052 Letter from Mr Harrison to Mr Heron with list of subscriptions from Bellingham 20th January 1772
5354 List of subscriptions from Stamfordham Undated
5556 List of subscriptions from Berwick 18th January 1772
5761 List of subscriptions from Haltwhistle 10th January 1772
6264 List of subscriptions collected at Whitley (in Hexhamshire) 15th January 1772
6566 Letter from the Rev Mr Rickman (Newburn) to Mr Ralph Heron 11th January 1772
6768 List of subscriptions collected at Newburn Undated
6969 Letter from the Rev Mr Rickman (Newburn) to Mr Ralph Heron 26th January 1772Incorrectly dated 1771.
7071 Letter from the Rev Mr Rickman (Newburn) to Mr Ralph Heron 18th January 1772
7280 List of subscriptions collected in Northumberland Undated
8183 Letter from Mr Willoby of Berwick to Mr Ralph Heron 23rd December 1771
8485 Letter from Mr William Fenwick to ? 25th December 1772
8687 Letter from Dr Dockwray to ? 31st December 1771
8889 Letter from Mr John [C?] Blackett to Mr William Fenwick at Bywell 3rd January 1772
9091 Letter from Mrs Ann Hodgson of Elswick to Mr Richard Heron 14th January 1772Ralph Heron?
9293 Letter enclosing collection from Corbridge 14th January 1772
9496 Letter enclosing collection from Haydon 18th January 1772
9798 Letter regarding the collection in Wooler 20th January 1772
99100 Letter regarding a collection in Rothbury 3rd February 1772
101102 Letter from G Middleton to Lancelot Heron 7 Feb 1772
103105 Letter from C Gregson to Ralph Heron 25 February 1772
106107 Letter from William Cuthbert to Ralph Heron 20th Mar 1772
108109 Draft letter from Mr Heron to Newcastle banks 28th Mar 1772
110111 letter from Christopher Gregson Mar 31, 1772
112112 letter from Christopher Gregson 8 April 1772
114115 Letter from Mr Collinson 27 April 1772
116117 letter from Exchange Bank to Mr Heron
118118 List of Subscriptions paid into Exchange Bank 25 December 1771
119138 Letter from Exchange Bank detailing subscriptions received December 1771-February 1772
139141 Copy of resolution from meeting of subscribers Feb 19th 1772see p 164 for tidier copy of same resolution
142143 Letters from bankers detailing subscriptions received February-March 1772
143144 List of subscriptions received by Rev Mr Allen Mar 6 1772
145146 Letter to Lancelot Heron from Surtees and Burdon 9 June 1772
146156 Letters from Bankers to Committee re Subscriptions Received Jan to Feb 1772
157157 Account of Northumberland Subscriptions received 21 January 1772
158159 Letter from bankers to about subscriptions received. 21 Jan 1772
160161 Letter From Bankers to Committee re Further Subscription Received 24 January 1772
162163 Letter From Bankers to Committee re Total Received to Date 3 February 1772
164164 Minutes of a Meeting of the Subscribers 19 February 1772
165166 Letter from Bankers to the Committee re the Above Meeting 21 February 1772
167173 General State of the Charity sent to the Committee 5 February 1772
174174 Resolution from the First Meeting at Hexham 23 December 1771
175201 Haltwhistle Estimates
202218 Haydon Estimates
219220 Estimate for Adam Atkin of Newbrough 14th March 1772
222233 Warden estimates Jan to March 1772
234254 Hexham estimates January 1772
255267 Damages claims from Hexham
268282 Damages claims from St John Lee
283313 Damages claims from Bywell
314324 Damage claims from Ovingham
325331 Damage claims from Heddon on the Wall
332338 Damages claims from Newburn parish 20 December 1771
352354 Damages claims from St Johns
355355 Certificate of loss for Mary Graham 3 March 1772
356359 Material relating to Thomas Cooper, Weaver
360361 List of losses in Benwell hamlet 27 Dec 1771
362363 Certificate of loss for George Richardson
364367 Certificate of loss for William Robley
368373 Claim of Henry Nairn, Dyer from Rothbury
374377 Estimate of loss for Ann Bell of Lamley Dec 31st 1771
378380 Estimate of loss for Nicholas Maughan of Allendale Dec 30th 1771
381383 Estimate of loss for Thomas Brown of Chollerton
384386 Estimate of loss for George Boomer of Knaresdale
387390 Estimate of loss for Peter Waugh of Knaresdale Dec 30th 1771
391391 Letter from Rector of Knaresdale Mar 10th 1772
392394 Estimate of loss for George Green of Styford
395397 Estimate of loss for the Cottagers of Styford
398399 Estimate of Damage to George Burdes of Styford
400401 Estimate of loss for Christopher Simpson of Riding Mill Jan 2nd 1772
402402 Estimate of loss for Mathew Coulson of Broomhaugh Jan 2nd 1772
403403 Estimate of loss for George Angus Senior and George Angus Junior of Stayford Styford
404405 List of sufferers by parish, with amounts May be page missing
406409 Sufferers and their estimates of loss, exclusive of those marked distressed
410411 Estimates queried: Haltwhistle, Hexham, Bywell, Ovingham
412412 Aldstone
413413 Summary for Knaresdale
414414 Summary for Lambley
415415 Summary for Haltwhistle
416416 Tipelt Water
417417 Summary for Allan Water, Allendale
418420 Summary for Haydon Chapelry includes Haydon Bridge
421421 Summary for Newbrough
422422 Summary for Warden
423423 Summary for Symondburn
424425 Summary for Hexham
426426 Summary for Saint John lee
427427 Summary for Corbridge
428431 Summaries for Bywell St Andrew and St Peter
432433 Summary for Styford
434434 Summary for Ovingham
435435 Summary for Ovingham, Wylam
436436 Summary for Wylam Colliery
437437 Close House
438440 Newburn, Lemmington
441441 Scotswood
442442 Chollerton
443443 Summary of amounts for each Class of Sufferers (by parish)
444444 Heading: totals of the several classes
445445 First Payment to the first Class of Sufferers
446446 Receipts for payments to the First Class of Sufferers by Ralph Heron 18th to 25th February 1772
447448 Heading: Receipts for Second payments to the First Class of Sufferers
448449 Sufferers who are marked distressed with the totals of their estimates
450450 Receipts for payments by Ralph Heron 9th to 14th January 1772
451451 Further named Sufferers in the First Class; Receipt for payment by Ralph Heron January 1772
452452 First Payment to the second Class of Sufferers
453455 Receipts for payments to Second Class February 1772
456456 Receipts for payments to Second Class April 1772
457460 Total of the Estimates of the second class of sufferers
461462 Total of the Estimates of the third class of sufferers
463467 Payments made by R Heron with receipts
468469 Letter and receipt from William Fenwick 12 January 1772
470471 Letter and receipt between William Fenwick and Ralph Heron 18 February 1772
472473 Letter from Wm Fenwick re new subscription begun in London 18 February 1772
474480 Receipts and correspondence for Bywell Parishes payments Jan and Feb 1772
481485 L Heron accounts and calculations In Jan 1772
486492 R Heron's summary accounts January to June 1772
493495 Account of payments to respective classes May 1772
496498 Plan for further payments not adopted
499500 invoice for advertisements '23 March 1772
501505 Accounts for Committee expenses
506506 Receipt for payment into Newcastle bank for sufferers 22 February 1772
507508 Letter from Mr Jacob Lambert 8th March 1772
510511 Resolution from York Committee 9th March 1772